When most people think of apples, the image that most often comes to mind is the Red Delicious, that shiny, crimson star of the school lunch bag. If that’s the only apple you’ve ever sampled, though, you’ve been missing out on a bushel of delicious eating. There are nearly 100 commercial varieties of apples grown […]

Gumbo is a traditional stew served in Louisiana. There is no set formula for what makes up gumbo. Even though gumbo derives its name from the African word for okra, gumbos don’t always contain okra. Gumbo usually consists of one or more meats such as chicken, duck, sausage, or ham. Seafood gumbos can be fish […]

Pastry Tips

Making tender, flaky pie crusts is a snap if you follow these easy tips and tricks. Includes hints, tips and tricks of the trade from a professional baker.

Food First Aid

If you live long enough (and cook enough meals ) you will undoubtedly create a kitchen disaster. It may be as small as a burned pot of rice, or as large as an inedible Thanksgiving turkey, but you can rest assured that a disaster is out there with your name on it! Although I personally have never made a kitchen blunder (Cough-cough … oh, the smoke? It’s nothing. What’s the number for 911?), I thought I’d share a few ways to bail yourself out of a kitchen catastrophe.

Cake Baking Tips

Cake baking tips and techniques, including ingredient selection, baking techniques and tips for preventing common cake baking problems.

Poultry Tips

Tips for safe handling and preparation of poultry.

Meat Preparation

Preparation tips for all types of meat including cooking times.

General Cooking Tips

A list of general tips for helping you be a more organized cook.


Pantries used to be found in just about all homes prior to the 1950s. In the days when refrigeration was new or nonexistent, they played a large role in food storage. They ranged in size from modest closets to the room-sized pantries in houses that employed servants. Today, a walk-in pantry is a luxury few homes have. But you can find ways to adapt or add pantry space to your home , maybe even without doing any construction.

Seasoning a Skillet

There are several ways to season a cast iron skillet, The one I’ve settled on is to place the skillet on the stove top on medium heat. When it starts to heat up, take a wadded up paper towel and rub the inside of the skillet with mineral oil. Yes, mineral oil. The reason I use mineral oil is that unlike shortening or vegetable oil. It never develops that ” old ” taste over time.