Fun Food Trivia

It’s time for another episode of “Useless trivia I learned while looking up other stuff.” You’ll find everything from fun with Oreos to what the Japanese like on their pizza, so dig in.
Yeah, I left my old job ‘cause the boss lost his head one day…
The restaurant was invented by the French just after the French Revolution, to allow the personal chefs and waiters of the now-defunct aristocracy to have jobs.
There’s something fishy about this pizza
According to the Professional Chefs of America, the most popular pizza topping in Japan is squid. In Chile, they prefer Mussels and clams, while the British are quite content with tuna. Pass the pepperoni,  please!
For that much money, they could at least cook it department:
America’s most expensive sushi bar is in Los Angeles. Diners spend some $250 per person to feast on raw seafood. Yummy.
Shut Up, Gilligan, and start sautéing that flounder department:
On an average cruise ship a staff of 125 chefs prepare over 5,000 dinners per night.
What’s for dinner, Honey? Oh, yeah-of course.
The city of Albany, N.Y., consumes more pasta per capita (287 pounds) than any other city in the United States. Boston comes in second at 212 pounds, and New York City a distant third at 182 pounds.
Up against the wall, get your hands off that muffin department:
Poppy seeds, like the ones on your lemon poppy seed muffin, contain small amounts of morphine and codeine.
It’s the real thing, Bubba
Vidalia onions are the only vegetable with a higher sugar content than Coca-Cola.
Fifteen thousand and…DANG that wind! One, two…
According to Nabisco, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis (630 feet) is 15,120 Oreo cookies high.
Sorry I’m late — I ran over some fool putting cookies on the road
In a sure sign that the folks at Nabisco may have a little  too much time on their hands, they figure that  the Golden Gate Bridge (4,200 feet) is 28,800 Oreo cookies long.
Now THAT’S a valentine
More than 3.1 billion pounds of chocolate are purchased per year in the United States. The manufacturer value of that 3.1 billion pounds of chocolate is $7.6 billion.
You want fries with that? SIR, YES, SIR!
The first drive through window at a restaurant was at the McDonald’s in Sierra Vista, AZ. It was put in so that the soldiers from nearby  Fort  Huachuca could get food since the base had a regulation that prohibited anyone in uniform from entering a local business.
I’ll have a burrito to go — and be quick about it
According to the Guiness book of World Records,  the fastest restaurant in the world  is Karne Garibaldi,  located in Guadalajara, Mexico. They  serve the orders of a table of four  within 13 seconds after the order is made.
I’d like a  fillet of gefilte fish Happy Meal, please
The McDonald’s in the shopping mall in Mevasseret (just outside Jerusalem) is the only Kosher McDonald’s in the world.

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