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Have you ever noticed that some guys get a little crazy when they’re cooking out? Suddenly, men who can’t even make a sandwich turn into super chefs when they see the trance-producing glow of the sacred flame…”

With the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaching, I decided to offer a few tips for making your holiday meal easier, or at least more interesting. To begin with, choosing the right type of oil is crucial to a successful Turkey Day. After years of experimentation, I recommend Castrol 40 weight. Just fill up the crankcase of the old jalopy and high-tail it for Mom’s house! You don’t really want to spend all day cooking when you could be kicked back in the lounge chair with a cold one, do you? Of course not!

I don’t know what it is about spring that makes us want to clean and organize. Ever since the first Neanderthal (or his wife, more likely) decided to tidy up the cave and straighten up the spears, we’ve used spring as a good time to get things organized. With that in mind, let’s look at some ways to organize our favorite room, the kitchen.

Rice was one of the earliest foods man learned to cultivate. The natural accompaniment to baked chicken has been grown since at least 5000 B.C. , and archaeologists working in China have uncovered sealed pots containing rice more than 8,000 years old (which probably tasted like the rice served at my college cafeteria).

Pot Roast

Nothing warms me up on these cold winter days better than a good, old-fashioned pot roast. This king of comfort foods is easy to make and inexpensive to boot- what more could you want in a meal?

I finally broke down and got a copy of Quicken, the computer program that helps plan your finances. One of the things it can do is show you how much you spend on something each year, like car insurance or…groceries. I was amazed that, after the mortgage and car payment, groceries are the largest monthly expense at most homes. Although going to the store isn’t my favorite thing to do on a weekend, there are several things you can do to make the next trip to your local Higgly-Piggley a little less traumatic. Read more to get some tips

Choosing Wines

Wine can seem like a mystery, but you can get good wines both for drinking and cooking at most any supermarket. All it takes to get started using wine is a little knowledge and some money. This 2-part column will give you some knowledge, and you’re on your own as far as the money goes!