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General Cooking Tips

A list of general tips for helping you be a more organized cook.


Pantries used to be found in just about all homes prior to the 1950s. In the days when refrigeration was new or nonexistent, they played a large role in food storage. They ranged in size from modest closets to the room-sized pantries in houses that employed servants. Today, a walk-in pantry is a luxury few homes have. But you can find ways to adapt or add pantry space to your home , maybe even without doing any construction.

Seasoning a Skillet

There are several ways to season a cast iron skillet, The one I’ve settled on is to place the skillet on the stove top on medium heat. When it starts to heat up, take a wadded up paper towel and rub the inside of the skillet with mineral oil. Yes, mineral oil. The reason I use mineral oil is that unlike shortening or vegetable oil. It never develops that ” old ” taste over time.

Choosing Kitchen Knives

The right knife slices preparation in half. Looking for a good set of kitchen knives? Don’t dial that 1-800 number just yet! I They may slice and dice and come with a set of steak knives and a bonus turnip twaddler, but are those really the right knives for your kitchen?

Kitchen Equipment

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is how to equip a kitchen. Here you’ll find a list of the basic items every kitchen should be equipped with.

Here you will find the basics-How to measure, what kind of flour to use when the recipe doesn’t say, what 2 cups, divided means. A good start for beginners and a good review for the rest of us!


Nearly every ingredient used in cooking or baking has a substitute which will do in a pinch — usually a cousin that shares some of the characteristics or flavor. You usually have to combine the substitute with another ingredient or two, but it sure beats making a special trip to the store. Clip this column and stick it in your favorite cookbook, and soon you’ll be substituting with the pros.

Why Cakes Fall

A list of things that may cause a cake to fall after baking and tips on how to prevent cakes from falling.

Food Safety Tips

Here are a few tips to make sure you and your family are safe from food-borne illness. A lot of this is just plain common sense-its not hard to keep your kitchen safe . Make sure raw meat is kept separate from any other deli meat or other foods that aren’t going to be cooked. […]

The magic that goes on behind the oven door changes a pan full of batter into a light, fluffy cake that looks just like the picture in a cookbook.