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Putting together a great Thanksgiving feast for all your relatives is simple. You only need a few little things-
1. The organizational abilities of Bill Gates.
2. The pre-planning proclivity of the White House Chief of Staff.
3. The confidence under fire of Robert E. Lee.
4. The homemaking skills of Martha Stewart after 2 double espressos.

Pickles can be classified into four main types, depending on the ingredients and the pickling method used. They are naturally fermented pickles (dill pickles, sauerkraut); fresh-pack pickles (quick-process bread and butter, beet pickles); fruit pickles (pickled peaches, pears); and relishes, such as chutney, and salsa.

It’s your first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and you’re sweating bullets. The turkey is a whiter shade of pale, the potatoes are overcooked, the gravy has an oil slick floating on top, and your In-laws just pulled in the driveway. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath-we can fix this. Here’s what to do to fix […]

Cheesecake Tips

Hints and tips for baking great cheesecakes, including information on why cheesecakes crack and how to keep cheesecakes from cracking.

A guide to selecting the most basic tools to equip a kitchen; the “desert island” essentials you can’t do without.

Pastry Tips

Making tender, flaky pie crusts is a snap if you follow these easy tips and tricks. Includes hints, tips and tricks of the trade from a professional baker.

Food First Aid

If you live long enough (and cook enough meals ) you will undoubtedly create a kitchen disaster. It may be as small as a burned pot of rice, or as large as an inedible Thanksgiving turkey, but you can rest assured that a disaster is out there with your name on it! Although I personally have never made a kitchen blunder (Cough-cough … oh, the smoke? It’s nothing. What’s the number for 911?), I thought I’d share a few ways to bail yourself out of a kitchen catastrophe.

Cake Baking Tips

Cake baking tips and techniques, including ingredient selection, baking techniques and tips for preventing common cake baking problems.

Poultry Tips

Tips for safe handling and preparation of poultry.

Meat Preparation

Preparation tips for all types of meat including cooking times.