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These books contain recipes from the late 1800s that will put you in touch with the true heritage of Southern cooking.

Emeril Lagassee — You’ve seen him on TV, now read the books! Emeril is one of the hottest chefs in the country, and his kicked-up cooking style will put a little “BAM!” on your table.

Catalogue of Southern Food Cookbooks

These books are the best available on Southern cooking. They all feature terrific recipes and will be treasured by your family.

Catalogue of Low Country Cookbooks

The Low Country is the coastal plain around Charleston and Savannah. The cuisine there blends rice with the ever abundant seafood to give a mix of flavor you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Catalogue of Cajun Creole Books

These are the best books available on the cuisine of Louisiana. Here you’ll find recipes as old as New Orleans and as new as the freshest chefs can make them.

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