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Pickles can be classified into four main types, depending on the ingredients and the pickling method used. They are naturally fermented pickles (dill pickles, sauerkraut); fresh-pack pickles (quick-process bread and butter, beet pickles); fruit pickles (pickled peaches, pears); and relishes, such as chutney, and salsa.

One of the best things about early fall is being able to can the fruits and vegetables from your garden so you can enjoy them all winter long.

The basic principal is simple: during the canning process, food is heated to a high enough temperature to stop the decaying action of enzymes and/or bacteria and other critters in the food. The food is then stored in sterile, airtight containers to keep it from spoiling.

Nothing seems more perfect to me on a summer day than a tomato sandwich on fresh white bread, slathered with mayonnaise and loaded down with lots of pepper and a little salt and an ear of Silver Queen corn,

Every summer when I was growing up, my grandmother and mother would get a couple hundred ears of sweet corn and spend hours shucking them and cutting the corn off the ears to freeze. We’d have that good summer corn with Sunday dinners all winter long.

History, folklore and cooking techniques for collard greens, a Southern soul food staple. Includes a recipe for traditional Southern collard greens.

A guide to selecting and cooking salt-cured country ham, sometimes called Smithfield hams or Virginiai hams.

Roasting a Duck

I remember the day I bagged my last duck. It was a chilly October morning, a slight mist hanging in the morning air. I had dressed warmly, knowing I might have to wait for the perfect one. Settling down in a place I knew would provide a nice, fat mallard, I waited patiently. Suddenly, I […]


Even experienced cooks write in to me that they are confused by the wide variety of flours found on grocers’ shelves. Now with the bread-baking craze, even more types and brands are being added each week. Certain types of flour are better for particular uses, so I’ll try to shed some light on the great […]

Sweet Potatoes

Fall always gets me in the mood for baking. There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly baked apple, pumpkin or sweet potato pie. Since we already talked about apples, let’s turn our attention to that noble tuber,  the sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are often called yams , but sweet potatoes and yams are two […]

All about Rice

Rice is one of the staples in nearly every cuisine in the world, from Chinese to Indian to good, old-fashioned Southern cooking. The natural accompaniment to baked chicken has been grown since at least 5000 B.C. Enterprising colonists in South Carolina began cultivatation of rice soon after they arrived in America. It began quite by […]

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