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Putting together a great Thanksgiving feast for all your relatives is simple. You only need a few little things-
1. The organizational abilities of Bill Gates.
2. The pre-planning proclivity of the White House Chief of Staff.
3. The confidence under fire of Robert E. Lee.
4. The homemaking skills of Martha Stewart after 2 double espressos.

Lowcountry New Year

An article about the origins of Hoppin’ John, a traditional New Year’s food eaten in the South Carolina Low Country and thought to date back to slavery days.

Turkey Trivia

A fun collection of facts about turkeys to amaze your friends and confuse your dog.

It’s your first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and you’re sweating bullets. The turkey is a whiter shade of pale, the potatoes are overcooked, the gravy has an oil slick floating on top, and your In-laws just pulled in the driveway. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath-we can fix this. Here’s what to do to fix […]

With the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaching, I decided to offer a few tips for making your holiday meal easier, or at least more interesting. To begin with, choosing the right type of oil is crucial to a successful Turkey Day. After years of experimentation, I recommend Castrol 40 weight. Just fill up the crankcase of the old jalopy and high-tail it for Mom’s house! You don’t really want to spend all day cooking when you could be kicked back in the lounge chair with a cold one, do you? Of course not!