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Turkey Trivia

A fun collection of facts about turkeys to amaze your friends and confuse your dog.

While I have devoted my life to the study and mastery of southern cooking, i have to admit that there is one northern cook whose culinary tallent leaves me in awe. I really admire Martha Stewart. Here’s someone who has developed entertaining into a true art form, and managed to make a ton of money […]

Fun Food Trivia

It’s time for another episode of “Useless trivia I learned while looking up other stuff.” You’ll find everything from fun with Oreos to what the Japanese like on their pizza, so dig in. Yeah, I left my old job ‘cause the boss lost his head one day… The restaurant was invented by the French just […]

The magic that goes on behind the oven door changes a pan full of batter into a light, fluffy cake that looks just like the picture in a cookbook.

Have you ever noticed that some guys get a little crazy when they’re cooking out? Suddenly, men who can’t even make a sandwich turn into super chefs when they see the trance-producing glow of the sacred flame…”

Oh Deer, Bambi’s Dinner

Ladies, it’s your worst nightmare. You’re home alone, the kids are at school, and just when you’re about to enjoy that book you bought at the store last week — you know, the one with the Fabio-lookin’ guy with no shirt one the cover — you hear it.

Pass The Cold Cereal–Please!

Those of us who put together the Food section each week always strive to report on the latest culinary trends so that you don’t miss out on a single one. When people north of the “MasonDixon” line decided grits and fried chicken were not only cool but worth 50 bucks a plate at trendy “Southern” restaurants, you heard it here first. Now we discover that the latest food fad for the young yuppie too busy and stressed out from climbing the corporate ladder to cook: a large bowl of cold cereal for supper.

Pre-Historic Fried Chicken

Picture, if you will, a tranquil scene circa 1 million years ago, when cavemen roamed the Earth. It is Sunday, about noon. A small tribe of prehistoric Baptists (scientific name: SHALLWEGATHERUS ATHERIVERUS) has just finished their worship service. While toweling off by the river bank, a member of the group hears the plaintive cry of a prehistoric chicken (scientific name: BIGOLWHANGIN’CHICKINUS KENTUKYFRIEDUS).